Bravery of a child

This year I have achieved many of my reading goals I have set for myself. I've succeeded in reading more outside of school and expanding my genres. One of these genres I have grown on is nonfiction. Before I started reading nonfiction I assumed they were all horrible books that were just about weird facts. However, from the novel Call Me Tuesday by Leigh Byrne it has changed my view on nonfiction books. I've learned to be grateful for what I have because it can all go away at any moment.

Call Me Tuesday is a true life story about the author when she was a little girl. In her younger days she had a disabled sister who constantly had problems and could easily get sick. One day her sister got sick and passed away leaving a hole of darkness to cast on her family. Leigh's mother was affected the most by this incident and ended up changing completely. In her mother's eyes now Leigh was a problem and she treated Leigh horrible for the next few years including making her drink her own urine. As well her mother made the whole family turn on her and abuse her. Even with all this pain somehow she was able to give peace with her mother years later,"I forgave my mother even though she had never asked for my forgiveness, or admitted she’d done anything for which to be forgiven. I forgave her for myself” (217). This forgiveness shown by Leigh portrays her as a brave girl, who had to take so much on at a young age and some how is able to push through all the torture that is brought upon her. 

This novel has connected with me emotionally because throughout it I couldn't help but feel sympathy for this little girl. Going through so much pain at a young age is something no child should have to deal with. This reminds me of all the orphans and foster kids out in the world. Do they have similar stories of heartbreak? How are they surviving by themselves? I see these little kids as strong and courageous. They make me look at life gratefully and I shouldn't care so much time about my wants, but instead other people's needs.


  1. How was call me Tuesday? I've heard it is good.


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